I was recently approached by EDZ, a family owned business based in Cumbria, to product test their Yeti fleece jacket.

Described by EDZ as having “better heat retention than normal polar fleece” and “ideally suited for cold conditions” I was interested in testing out that theory, particularly as I’m the type of person who often feels the cold.

Wearing it for the first time while sitting at my computer working, I was toasty warm.  Obviously, it was a warmer day than normal…..wasn’t it?  I carried on wearing it the next day, and the next, and eventually realised that I felt so much warmer at my desk that it was becoming difficult to peel the jacket off my shoulders.

Well, that’s great, but how many of us go out and invest in a new fleece with the sole intention of wearing it on a cold day in front of a computer screen.  It was time to see how it responded to some fresh air.

I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised.

If anything, I found the Yeti fleece jacket was actually too warm for me to wear out walking.  So far, I’ve tested it on 2 walks and, wearing only a base layer under it with a waterproof layer on top, I’ve actually felt too warm.  However, the temperature is still hovering on the edge of winter, so I plan to put it through more testing when we get into those really cold sub zero temperatures during December, January and February.

For now, here’s some practical information:

The fleece is a double sided “hairy fleece” (which is why EDZ says it’s better for heat retention) and the fit for me was spot on (ladies size 12/medium).  It has a lovely soft feel, even after 3 washes, and a comfortable cut.

My only niggle to date has been the elasticated band at the bottom which I thought was a little tight.  However, that was using my hyper critical head when I first put the jacket on and to be honest it’s not something I notice now.  I also realise that to keep the heat inside the jacket, it’s important not to have any gaps for cold air to enter or warm air to leave.

The jacket retails at £60, has thumb loops in the cuffs (which I always love) and has inner pockets which are deep enough to hold a map.

Big thumbs up so far to the Yeti jacket – hopefully it will keep me warm as the temperature drops.




Disclaimer:  Whilst the product was provided by EDZ, the review as always is 100% impartial, giving my own thoughts and honest opinions.

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