Madison Flux Softshell JacketIt’s no secret to anybody reading this blog (or seeing pictures on social media of me riding my mountain bike) that I absolutely love Madison Clothing’s technical mountain bike range.

Back in November 2015, I wrote a review for the Madison Flo DWR baggy shorts

I absolutely adore these shorts and wear them regularly until the weather heats up.  They have a waterproof rear panel and DWR in the material, so unless it is absolutely filthy wet they keep me toasty warm and dry – and that’s after testing them thoroughly in all conditions over the last year.

Madison Flux Softshell Jacket MontageMy other go-to piece of Madison kit is the Flux Superlight Softshell Jacket (which handily came in the same colour as the trim on my Flo shorts) and I realised today that I’d missed writing a review about it.

I bought the Flux jacket last winter but soon realised that while it’s an awesome jacket, it was a bit too thin to cope with the depths of the winter cold and rain here in the UK.

Because it’s so lightweight and packs up small, it’s a great to throw in your backpack as an extra layer during the spring and autumn months – or for a damp summer day.  I’ve worn it to death for much of the year and it’s performed brilliantly.  It will also cope with going through the washing machine (bonus).

The jacket is has tons of stretch in it, so it’s comfortable to wear while moving around on my bike.

It’s also seam sealed, so it does keep me dry – but I have to admit that it’s not a jacket I choose when it’s raining heavily.  It also has a hood and although I’ve never used while riding my bike, it is great for a cold cafe stop 😉

Flux WinterOnce the temperature drops too low, my Flux jacket sadly gets relegated to the coat hook and I have to dig out my old heavy waterproof jacket – maybe Santa will bring me a winter waterproof jacket from Madison!

I can sometimes wear my Flux jacket in the cold by adding layers underneath, but if there’s a biting wind I usually have to concede defeat.

The other thing I love about my Flux jacket is the colour.  Orange (or Chilli Red) might not be everybody’s choice but I love the fact that it’s so bright and cheerful.

It makes me smile on a grey day, it’s visible for car drivers (thumbs up Madison, it’s a bright jacket rather than the usual black which manufacturers of bike kit seem to love) and it’s great for pictures.

Retailing at around £100 to £120 it’s not a budget priced jacket, but for the amount of wear I get from my Flux jacket, it’s more than given me value for money.  I’m looking forward to the spring when it will come back into it’s own 🙂

Thanks to my husband for letting me use his pictures in this post – to see more, check his RideHolme Instagram feed.


To see a technical specification for the Flux Superlight Softshell Jacket, click on the link further up in this post.


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