EDZ Micro-fleece HoodieWhen I reviewed the EDZ Yeti Fleece this winter, I was blown away by the fact that I’d finally found a fleece which kept me toasty warm whatever the weather.

I absolutely loved the Yeti fleece and wore it right through winter. If anything, it was almost too warm for me to wear whenever I was out walking but for really cold days and generally kicking around, it was my go-to jacket.

So when spring arrived and EDZ asked if I wanted to test out their new Microfleece Hoodie, I jumped at the chance to check out a jacket which I thought would suit me better for wearing out walking as the weather warmed up.

First impressions were good.

Features of the EDZ Women’s Microfleece Hoodie

The cut of the jacket is relatively loose but still with some shape, exactly how I like it and very comfortable to wear. The hood is a nice feature, although never used in anger as I tend to look at the hoods on hoodies as being more for style than function.

EDZ fleece - eyes closed!Colour wise, the jacket is two-tone with contrasting material on the hood and zip – it looks good.

There are deep pockets (perfect for stuffing my hands into – I’m a proper slouch) which can be zipped if you want to use properly, plus internal pockets suitable for carrying an OS map while you’re out and about. Although I personally never use this type of pocket, it’s a great bonus for those who do.

There’s lots to love about this jacket, but unfortunately I think EDZ got one thing wrong with it – on the women’s version at least. They designed thumb loops into the sleeves (which I always love as a feature) but the sleeve length is too short for me to use them and I think my arms are pretty average length.

I get around the slightly short sleeve by always pairing it with a base layer with longer sleeves, thus making sure that my wrists stay covered and keep me warm.

It’s not a huge problem, just a niggle and a bit frustrating when their Yeti jacket had perfect sleeve length, so I’m not sure what happened when designing/manufacturing this one.

By the way, bear in mind that the men’s version may be absolutely fine.

Layering with the EDZ microfleece hoodie

Out in the hills, I’ve worn this jacket with a base layer and gilet, or with a waterproof jacket on top. I found it great when out walking and have been really happy with the performance.

One thing to consider is that the contrasting material lining the hood is made from cotton, so if you want to have a purely technical jacket when out in the hills it might be worth looking at the jacket rather than the hoodie.

What’s the cost?

At £40 RRP for the hoodie (£35 for the jacket), I reckon it’s a decent price for a jacket which you can wear as part of your layering system when out walking, but also when visiting the pub or just relaxing at home.

To purchase (women’s version) or find out more: http://www.edzlayering.com/product-category/women/fleece-jackets-women/


EDZ Hoodie


Disclaimer: The EDZ Micro-fleece Hoodie was provided free of charge by EDZ Layering for an independent review. However, as with all my reviews, this is a 100% impartial summary of my own thoughts, opinions and experiences.

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