If you’re struggling to know what to buy the climber in your life for Christmas, check out these 5 ideas below.

I’m a big believer in shopping locally, using independent producers and donating to charity. However, it can be difficult finding good recommendations (especially if it’s not your sport), so take a look at the suggestions below to remove some of the headache this Christmas.

As a bonus, buying from one of these will also leave you with the feel good factor!

1. Made by Scavenger

Made by Scavenger

Designed and made in Sheffield, Scavenger take old climbing equipment and turn it into completely new products such as belts, purses and chalk bags made from recycled climbing rope.

Climbers can also donate their old gear at collection points in climbing centres around the UK – recycling at it’s best.


(Image from Scavenger website)


2. INK t-shirt by Tessa Lyons

INK t-shirt by Tessa Lyons

Artist and climber, Tessa Lyons, has created a set of t-shirt designs with ink drawings of either Stanage Edge or Yosemite (both iconic places for climbers).

The t-shirts are 100% organic and there’s a choice of colours in both male and female designs.


(Image from Tessa Lyons website)


3. Climb On

Skin Nourishment - Climb On

Climb On was developed by a lady in her kitchen (check the story on the website) when her sister came back from climbing and wanted something to help soothe her hands after a day at the crag.

The bar is 100% plant based food grade ingredients and contains beeswax. It’s great to pack into cuts and dry skin when you go to bed at night….and miraculously they’ve healed by the morning.

https://skinourishment.com/  the website link is for the site in USA, but Climb On is available in lots of climbing related outlets in the UK.

(Image from Skin Nourishment website)


4. Climbing DVD

Climbing DVD's

When the weather is miserable and it’s time to curl up in front of the TV, we climbers love nothing more than watching a good inspiring DVD.

Here in the UK, we’re blessed with some great independent film producers – two of my favourites are Light Shed Pictures and Posing Productions

Also, check out this previous post to see some climbing DVD reviews.


5. Climbers Against Cancer (CAC)

CAC beanies

I recommended Climbers Against Cancer in my Christmas gift ideas last year and they are definitely worth another mention this year. Check out Founder, John Ellison’s story and you’re bound to be inspired.

Purchase from CAC and you will be donating money directly to researching a cure for cancer. If that’s not enough to tempt you, I love the products too – my CAC hat is the warmest, most colourful, cheery hat I’ve ever owned.



Hopefully, these ideas have given you a great starting point.

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