Hot on the heels of my post with some gift ideas for climbers, here are 5 suggestions for mountain bikers.

As with the climber ideas, I’ve included some different gifts that you’re not likely to find in a big high street retailer – let’s show some Christmas love to our small producers.

1. Booicore changing robe


These towelling changing robes are a godsend for the mountain biker wanting to get changed into some warm dry clothing whilst preserving their modesty. They have plenty of room in them, meaning that manoeuvre’s to swap clothing can be made underneath.

I’ve only recently joined the Booicore gang, but my husband (Mr @RideHolme) has been using one for a year or two and tells me that it’s also fab to throw on after a shower when away camping.

Booicore website

(Image taken from Booicore website)


2. Kingud bike maintenance products

Ride Holme - Kingud

Mountain bikes need a little regular TLC to keep running smoothly. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves tinkering with their bike, then check out Kingud products which are biodegradable and bottled in the Snowdonia National Park.

The environmental benefit alone might be enough to send you to their website, but if you’re looking to find out how good it is first, we need to go back to Mr @RideHolme who does all my bike maintenance (lucky girl). In his words “If you’re not using @kingudproducts yet, you’re missing a trick.  I cannot recommend their stuff enough.”

There’s more technical information on his Instagram post from early November (and no, he’s not sponsored by them).

(Image from Ride Holme)


3. Rad8 MTB Glasses

Rad8 MTB Glasses

Unhappy with the options on offer for mountain bike glasses, the founder of Rad8 MTB Glasses decided to source his own, with the aim of finding some light, comfortable and adaptive glasses.

There are currently 3 different styles on sale, with the option of photochromic, tinted or prescription lenses.

I’ve been part of the test team during 2017 and have to say that I love the 504 photochromic glasses which I’ve been wearing for most of the year – they’re comfortable, I like how they look and, most importantly, they work well in all conditions (actually, I probably enjoy wearing them best in winter).


4. Mountain Bike Skills Coaching

MTB skills coaching course

There are tons (and tons) of independent mountain bike guides/skills coaches out there.

You might think that someone who has been riding their bike for a long time has no need of a skills coach. However, listen to anybody who has been on a course and they will tell you that they learnt something new – whether it’s a completely new technique or a slightly more efficient way of riding their bike.

Skills sessions come in a multitude of price ranges. I’ve been on some great half day group skills sessions which have cost less than a good bottle of wine, so it’s worth checking what’s available in your area.

Just to give you an idea, here are two independent coaches which the Outdoor-Girl/RideHolme household have used in the past:


5. Can’t Quit Cartel

Can't Quit

Can’t Quit was formed following a fall which left the founder paralysed back in 2014.

The result is a clothing brand which is there to inspire those wearing it to never quit and to “create their own game, no matter what hand they are dealt”.

Browse the website and you’ll find a fab range of t-shirts, socks, caps, badges and sweatshirts with ink based designs which call to mountain bikers.

There’s a fab quote on their website “It’s not about how you fall but about how you get back up”.


Click on the following links if you’re looking for gift ideas for climbers and walkers or the general outdoor enthusiast



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