Back in late December 2017, the Outdoor-Girl site was nominated for a Liebster Award.

If you’re wondering when the fanfare, streamers and bubbly were flowing, let me reassure you that you didn’t miss out on the celebrations. In my defence, Christmas and then flu got in the way, so I missed the blog post announcing my nomination from LivingThisLifeOutLoud

So what is a Liebster Award?

Well, its where bloggers nominate other blogs which they enjoy reading – something I think makes it kind of special. Your peer group nominate you for an award because they like your work. Wow!

The Award has been around since 2011 and the idea behind it is to “connect and support the blogging community”. You can find more about the award via this link

Essentially, I get to nominate 5 other blogs – and also answer a few questions in the process!

Award thanks

In true Award ceremony fashion, I think a little acceptance speech is in order…..

Firstly, thank you to Julie from LivingThisLifeOutLoud for nominating me. It was a real bolt out of the blue when she contacted me with the nomination.

Julie’s blog covers adventures in Scotland and New Zealand but (huge congratulations here) she has just been awarded an Alpkit Foundation award for an upcoming solo cycle journey along part of the Iron Curtain Trail – Kirkenes to Helsinki. I’m looking forward to following her adventures.

Secondly, thanks must go to everyone who reads the Outdoor-Girl blog posts. The site exists because I love writing and feel passionate about sharing my stories but honestly, if the analytics showed that nobody bothered reading it, I would probably have stopped – so this one goes out to you guys too 🙂

5 blogs I love to read

Putting on my best Eurovision Song Contest voice…..

Here are Outdoor-Girl’s nominations to win a Liebster award (truthfully, choosing just 5 is kinda difficult, but here goes):

Lizzie Wake is someone I’ve been chatting with on Twitter for a long time. Her adventures in the outdoors (along with really cool drawings) always captured my attention, so I was glad to see her start blogging. She has a long history of outdoor adventure, including backpacking long distance trails, running, climbing and hiking in the mountains.

Cool of the Wild is packed full of information – gear reviews, adventures, skills, inspiration and information. The activities covered range from back packing and yoga, through to climbing, running and micro-brewery adventures (it’s fair to say that they probably cover most outdoor activities).

Mud, Chalk and Gear epitomises the adventurous spirit for me. It’s full of posts about getting into the great outdoors and just doing things (running, climbing, mid-week bivvy, travel…). However, it was Hetty’s post back in late November which really made her blog stick in my mind “It’s okay (not to be okay)” Go check it out.

Here’s where I declare a personal interest – the founder of Ride Holme is actually my husband. His site covers all things mountain biking, sharing adventures on his Cotic Rocket bike, tips for layering clothing, kit reviews and information covering the Peak District (and beyond). He’s getting so many hits on the site that I’m tempted to pass on the writing baton.

Dr Juliet McGrattan is a GP, book author, resident GP for Women’s Running UK magazine, started a running club in her local village and is a mother to 3 children, just for starters. Her blog is packed full of advice and tips, plus she does ‘Active Women’ interviews which are fab.

11 questions posed to me by LivingThisLifeOutLoud

When I was nominated for the award, I was asked to answer the following questions. Hope you enjoy the answers, I had fun thinking about them:

1.    What is your favourite most meaningful travel quote?

“If you think travel is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal”

2.    Where is the place you would most like to visit?

I have tons of places still on the tick list. I’ve had Patagonia in my mind for a long time, but also some low level trekking in Nepal, but there are so many adventures I want to do closer to home too. Sorry, it’s not one!

3.    What is the most exciting or scary challenge you have ever experienced?

Doing a tandem skydive. It was something I swore I would never do, but a group from the local pub were doing one to raise money for Help for Heroes. The ex Para who organised it was telling me stories of some of his injured colleagues and situations they’d been in. I decided that if they could manage their fear and deal with their injuries, I could throw myself out of an airplane. It was terrifying and yet completely exhilarating.

4.    What advice in three sentences, would you give to a new blogger?

Write from the heart. Know your audience, but write things you would enjoy reading too. Keep writing, even if you think nobody else is reading your blog.

5.    Which book has inspired you the most and why?

‘A Hard Day’s Summer’ by Alison Hargreaves. It’s where she travels round the Alps with her husband and young children one summer, aiming to be the first person to climb the six major Alpine north faces solo in one season. I first read it when I started climbing around 20 years ago and it’s one of the few books which I’ve picked up and read again. Actually, I’m probably due another read of it.

6.    What drives you forwards in life?

There are so many places to see in the world, there are so many adventures still to be had. I think I’ve led a pretty tame life so far and yet it’s been more adventurous than many. The thought that there’s still so much I want to do with my life is the thing that keeps me fired up for more.

7.    Any unusual hobbies or interests?

Rock climbing was my big passion for the best part of 18 years, yet I am terrified of heights. I’ve also recently become a huge fan of ice hockey, c’mon Steelers 😉

8.   What is your best tip for saving money while travelling?

Walk places (if it’s safe to do so). It’s a great way to see more and feel immersed in the area you’re staying in – as a bonus, it keeps you fit

9.    Where have you had the best holiday of your life so far?

Argh, this is another difficult one! I’ve had so many great holidays over the years and each one was amazing for so many different reasons. I loved New Zealand, but then I also loved the Blue Mountains in Australia. I’ve loved the climbing trips to Spain, France, Greece and Germany. I’ve loved the places I’ve spent time in around the UK too and Scotland has been a firm favourite recently. Nope, still can’t decide, they’ve all been amazing!

10.  Who from fiction would you most like to take on a journey with you?

Hmm, maybe Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. She’s pretty badass and would be able to get us out of difficult situations, yet she also has a human and compassionate side.

11.    Which post of yours is your favourite and why?

10 Awesome Cafes‘ because I absolutely love visiting cafes and if its a cafe in an outdoor area, then that scores double points. Actually, while there are still some incredible cafes on this list, I think the post is due an update as one of my favourites (Cafe Adventure in Hope, Derbyshire) opened after it was published. Ah well, it’s a tough job to go and research, but anything for my readers…..

11 questions for my nominated blogs

Ok, finally, here are 11 questions for the owners of the 5 blogs which I’ve nominated for an award. Hope they bring a smile to your face as you consider the answers 🙂

  1. Where are the top 3 most beautiful places you’ve visited?
  2. What’s your favourite outdoor activity and why?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. What advice would you give to new bloggers?
  5. Which post of yours is your favourite and why?
  6. What’s next on your bucket list?
  7. Mountains or beach?
  8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?
  9. Wild camping or a campsite near a good pub?
  10. Winter, spring, summer or autumn?
  11. What or who inspires you the most?

As a handy reminder, here’s that link again for the Liebster award guidelines:


Liebster Award

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    1. 😂 it’s probably been part of the appeal – the adrenaline rush and utter focus when climbing (but the fear of heights can sometimes catch me out, I’ve frozen at times!). Thanks for your comments 😊

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