“C’mon, let’s go out for breakfast in the morning” he said.

I don’t know about you but those words conjured up visions of a full veggie breakfast (sorry to all you full English breakfast aficionados), or a stack of pancakes, egg on toast, lashings of tea in a warm cosy cafe. You know what I mean!

But no…not for us hardy outdoor types. The ‘Beast from the East’ was not going to keep us from our adventures, despite the thermometer showing a balmy -4c and the snow falling.

The alarm (yes, this breakfast out needed a 6am alarm call) was set and we hauled ourselves out of bed and proceeded to layer up.

If I ever wanted to wear all my outdoor kit at once, this was the day! Just to give you an idea:

Thermal leggings, power stretch leggings, gaitors and waterproof trousers on the bottom.

Thermal vest, merino long sleeved zip neck, merino hoodie, synthetic gilet, synthetic coat and waterproof jacket on top (not forgetting the 2 buff neck warmers and beanie).

To be fair, I was toasty warm when walking to our open air cafe. I was even relatively warm as we sat boiling water and eating our breakfast. The only time I really felt the cold was on my fingers when we turned into the easterly wind to walk home.

I’m laughing about the craziness of our morning as I type, but you know what, the pure adventure I felt while out braving the beast brought a zing to my day. I’ve always said that adventure can be found right on your doorstep, it’s just about how you look at life and finding the fun in a little crazy.

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