It’s been a while since we got back from our 2 week bike packing trip in the Outer Hebrides, and I promised you all a post with my kit list and how I packed up the bike.

First things first…

Big thanks to Julie from ‘Living This Life Out Loud’ who not only directed me to her blog post on the topic, but also sent me a fab email packed full of information about how she packs for bike packing trips. It really helped me to get my head straight about packing for my own trip.

I also had a message back from the Adventure Syndicate who gave me a link to their blog post about how Lee Craigie packs her bike. Again, this was fantastic research and along with the information from Julie, really helped me to get my own packing pretty much spot on.

One of the big things I picked up from everyone was that merino clothing is the bees knees for multi-day trips, helping to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy when you have to wear the same thing day in day out.

I’ll be honest, I’ve worn a well know NZ brand of merino over the years, but never really gelled with it. However, the fab people at EDZ Layering kitted me out with t-shirt, long sleeve top and leggings for our Outer Hebrides trip and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it.

I slept in the leggings and long sleeved top and wore either a t-shirt or long sleeved top whilst cycling. It was super comfy, non-itch, and stayed fresh in between laundry stops – and having worn the t-shirt every week on some pretty tough walks in the hot temperatures we’ve had since our return from Scotland, I’ve become an absolute convert.

Ok, without further ado, here’s the list…..

Front Handlebar Bag (Alpkit Dual 20L dry bag)

  • Mountain Equipment Glacier 450 down sleeping bag
  • Snugpak silk liner (must be 15 years old, but hopefully this is similar!)
  • Klymet Static V sleeping mat
  • EDZ merino leggings
  • EDZ merino long sleeved top
  • Socks
  • Foil blanket (used as a liner under the mat if really cold)
  • Ear plugs

Handlebar pouch (Alpkit Roo pouch)

  • Lots of snacks!
  • Cafe lock
  • Camera

Rear bag: attached to top of pannier rack (Alpkit 13L Airlok Xtra dry bag)


  • CamelBak water reservoir
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Woolly hat
  • Sun hat
  • Midge net
  • Windproof gilet
  • Spare inner tube
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Basic medical kit
  • Snacks
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Inhaler

It’s worth noting that I started the trip wearing my rucksack on my back, but soon realised that it was much more comfortable to attach it with a bungee cord on top of the pannier rack. This trip was all about learning the secrets of packing!

Pannier #1

I used front pannier bags mounted on the rear as full panniers are too big for the frame size of my bike. It meant that I had less capacity than with a normal pannier set up.

Pannier #2

Toiletries list (carried in pannier bag)

  • Small pack wet wipes
  • Small pack face wipes
  • Small face towel
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Deodrant
  • Moisturiser (small pack)
  • Travel size shower gel
  • Travel size shampoo
  • Travel size hair conditioner
  • Comb
  • Coconut oil (for hair conditioning, after sun and cooking)
  • Prescription medicine
  • Small container of Sudocrem
  • Smidge (midge repellant)

The other essentials

As I mentioned, my bike frame is too small to fit larger panniers or a frame bag, but I was lucky to be travelling with my better half who carried some of the essentials – thanks Jason 😉

If I’d been travelling solo, I would have needed to think more carefully about my packing in order to leave room for these items!

  • Terra Nova Trisar ultra (20 year old back packing tent)
  • Trangia stove
  • 2 packs of dehydrated food for emergencies
  • 2 plastic plates
  • 2 plastic bowls
  • Spoons, forks, knives
  • Gas cannister
  • Lighter

What did I miss?

I really wished that I’d packed a spare sports bra and one thing which I’ve already added to my kit list is a battery pack to charge my phone and kindle when away from plug sockets.

What I loved

Comb, sit mat, flip flops, trainers, coconut oil and knee warmers!

What might work better in future

Walking sandals, GPS device with a longer battery life, interchangeable lens cycling glasses, fast drying socks (I wore cotton, duh!) and a tent with a bigger porch for storage.


When I look back over my kit list, it was pretty much spot on for a comfortable trip. There were just 2 or 3 of things which I didn’t use, but only because the weather was much warmer (and drier) than anticipated. I’m happy to use this list again when we return to finish the northern half of the Hebridean Way, which is a pretty good proof that it worked!

If you have any ‘must have’ items on your own kit list or things you’ve learned about packing from your own bike packing trips, I’d love to share them via the comments below.

To read more about our trip, check the series of posts below:

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2. Barra and Vatersay
3. Barra, Eriskay and South Uist
4. North Uist and Berneray
5. North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist
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7. Bike packing kit list


Hebridean Way


9 thoughts on “Bike packing: Kit list

  1. Thank you for the mention! Really pleased to hear you had a great journey and packed up well with all necessities! Yes….battery packs or recharging various devices, is an ongoing mission! Especially when wild camping!


    1. I’d never even thought about needing one until we were on the trip – makes all the difference knowing that you can keep charge in your phone for emergencies (and keep the kindle charged for a relaxing evening reading!)

      Liked by 1 person

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